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Retail Industry

Perfect for what I needed as a small business owner.

Before using the GrowMOFO AUTOPILOT PRO, our marketing strategy was almost non-existent. GrowMOFO was able to provide Crate Expectations with a digital marketing solution that allowed us to leap into the online marketplace during COVID-19. Utilising best practice content creation when cultivating ads, under a traffic and impression-based performance marketing strategy across Facebook Ads as the medium, we were able to achieve positive results.

Crate Expectations

The Strategy

Tailored to your industry

Whether you're in the health, hospo or hardware industry, the GrowMOFO platform creates tailored marketing strategies for any business that requires a boost utilising both organic and paid methods. Encompassing content pillars, recommended ad platforms and building audiences custom to your industry, we dedicate time to developing a plan that fits your company's requirements.

The Result

Backed By Numbers

Through the implementation of streamlined ad strategy, Crate Expectations were able to increase their average reach by 86%. Ads across socials were kept in line with the brands guidelines, and scheduled according to optimal posting times with the appropriate budget behind them.

Through specific audience targeting, we were able to significantly reduce Crate Expectations overall CPC. By narrowing down the target audience, the platform was able to drastically reduce the competition of competing brands, who share the same, if not similar audience.

Ad impression per week

Ad clicks per week

The content strategy created for Crate Expectations recommended creative optimisation and interest-based targeting through Facebook Business technology. Through trial and error, Crate Expectations saw a rapid increase in their Ad impressions and clicks per week.

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"Perfect for what I needed as a small business owner."

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