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“Don’t wait another moment to implement this platform into your marketing plan! With the help of the team, our recent campaigns run we were averaging a CPC of $0.21 on a total of 4134 Link Clicks. Not only does the GrowMOFO AUTOPILOT PRO PACK offer all the tools you need to give you the ultimate freedom in digital marketing, they also offer round the clock support to help you to tackle any issues you may come across - thanks team!”

Buckingham Real Estate

The Strategy

Tailored to your industry

Whether you're in the health, hospo or hardware industry, the GrowMOFO platform creates tailored marketing strategies for any business that requires a boost utilising both organic and paid methods. Encompassing content pillars, recommended ad platforms and building audiences custom to your industry, we dedicate time to developing a plan that fits your company's requirements.

The Result

Backed by numbers

Through the use of Facebook's Dynamic Creative, the GrowMOFO platform delivered high performing combinations that got Buckingham the best results for their campaigns. By continually optimising Buckingham's creative (focusing on engaging content pillars), we understood what aligned well their targeted demographics wants and needs and, therefore, could reduce the cost per link click significantly than what it was previously.

After implementing Buckinghams strategy, with recommendations of ad platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the GrowMOFO platform used ad direction logic to increase overall reach. The use of direct product offering ads was a highly effective way of showcasing the brand across various pieces and price points.

Ad impression per week

Link clicks

By combining strategic audience and geo-targeting methods, combined with a retargeting strategy, the GrowMOFO platform was able to reach Buckingham's primary demographics in key locations. This tactic generated a high level of performance impressions and an increasing amount of link clicks.

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